For founders who aim higher

Inspired by the epic Anonymous Founders, this is a Slack Community for impact entrepreneurs to get support, advice and community, all without fear of judgement.


Welcome to the anonymous Slack group for ethical founders in the UK.We know that building a purpose-driven company is brilliant but it can be isolating, overwhelming, and sometimes even embarrassing.That's why we've created a safe space where you can share, ask questions, and get support from like-minded individuals who are facing similar challenges.And because its anonymous, you can be open and honest without fear of judgement.Whether you're just starting out or have been on this journey for a while, join us and connect with other ethical founders who share your passion for making a positive impact in the world.

P.S. It's free to join


- You must be building a purpose-driven or impact-led business - not just running a business for profit

- We don't mind what your purpose is - sustainability, the circular economy, mental health, supporting disadvantaged groups etc. But you must have one!

- You can be a solopreneur, a LTD company, CIC, social enterprise for profit or not for profit

- You can be just starting out or further along

- Based or registered in the UK (for now)

P.S. It's free to join


Discuss whatever's on your mind. Whatever you're going through, we're sure another founder will be able to help.

Fundraising - from the funds worth approaching to alternative investment routes

Going green - from whether carbon offsetting actually good to cleaning up your tech footprint

Cheerleading - share your wins, big and small, with people who get it

Shoulder to cry on - for those moments you need to rant or get a pick-me-up

Ask anything - there's no such thing as a stupid question

P.S. It's free to join


1. Everyone remains anonymous (We'll guide you through how to do that once you're approved to join). You can and should talk about your business in general terms but don't explicitly identify yourself.

2. Be kind and respectful - there's no such thing as a stupid question and we're building a supportive community.

3. Give as well as get. You'll get more if you help others, not just ask for support for yourself.

4. No selling in the general chats. You can recommend but this isn't a place for people to flog! We'll look at a specific channel for signposting products and services.

5. Share it with your founder friends!

That's it! We reserve the right to remove members who violate these, for the good of the community.

P.S. It's free to join

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Anonymous Impact Makers is launching in mid-May. Be first in by signing up below. And encourage your founder friends to do the same.

We'll keep all your details private and confidential. Once you join the Slack community you will set up your Anonymous profile.

Behind AIM

Anonymous Impact Makers was set up by Alex Birtles, the co-founder and CEO of In Good Company. She's a huge fan of Anonymous Founders - the inspiration for AIM - and thought there was a space for something similar, but just for impact-led founders. She asked a few founder friends and they agreed too! So AIM was born.

Once again, we'll keep all your details private and confidential. Once you join the Slack community you will set up your Anonymous profile.

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